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Before Placing Your Order


Before Placing An Order

Q: What kind of wigs should I choose for my wigs, synthetic or human hair?

A:  For most people, the high quality synthetic wigs are virtually indistinguishable from human hair, except to the most practiced eyes. Compared with human hair, synthetic wigs are lower priced and easier to care. And synthetic hair is excellent to maintain its wave or curl, texture and volume. And great quality synthetic wigs still give you a nature look. However, synthetic wigs are not designed to accept a permanent wave or color change and can be permanently damaged by the use of curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers. Human hair wigs look more natural than synthetic wigs. Besides, great quality human hair can be shaped and dyed. Besides, human hair wigs is great for people suffering from alopecia hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation etc.  

Q: How long should I expect the wig to last?

A: In common, Synthetic Hair Wigs can last over 1 year if you take good care of the wigs and don’t wear the wigs every day. And for the lace front wigs, the wigs can last even longer because the hairs were all needled to lace by hand. And for 100% human hair wigs, it can go over 3 years if you take good care of them.

Q : Why do I choose you?

A : As we have claimed everywhere, we are our customer's buyers.  We help our customers buy what's best for them.  We are aim to help the fashion-conscious look fabulous and gorgeous wigs and other hair products. Besides, we are Authorized Distributors of some famous brands including Jon Renau and Luxhair etc. And we do our best to offer our customers the fashions they desire. The most important thing is that buying from us is safe and guaranteed.

Q : May i know if you are safe?

A:We have chosen the best e-commerce service in the industry, and guarantee secure payment processing. Keep in mind that we ensure 100% payment security. To learn more, you can see our privacy policy 

 Q : How do I make a payment?

A:We accept PayPal and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club. You can pay it through any one of these payment methods.

 Q : What currencies can I pay?

A:There are five currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and RUB. You can find this on the top right corner of our web page.  If your currency is not listed here, simply contact our online customer service agent and we will arrange our web store to accept the payment in your currency..

 Q : How fast can I get my order delivered?

ADifferent shipping methods bring different delivery time. You can find more by following this link: http://myhairshines.com/pages/shipping-processing

Q : Do you have a shop?

A:We are a pure eCommerce company, we just run our business online.



After Order


After Order

Q : How would I know my order status?

A : If you have an account with our online store, please login in our websites to check at "MY ACCOUNT"  to see your order information. We will update any news in time. If you don’t have account on our store, we will send you your order information to your contact email. Also, you may track your order here with your Tracking number. 

Q : Can I change my item, size or shipping address?

AYes, you can change the item, size or shipping address before your item is shipped. So, please inform us immediately as soon as you find that you wrote wrong information when you place order.  

Q : Can I return my item?

AIf you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to return them back please contact our customer service first. But you need to pay for the return shipping fee. About return policy you can click this link : http://myhairshines.com/pages/return-exchanges

 Q : How to contact you?

AIf you have any question or suggestion, please contact us here : http://myhairshines.com/pages/contact-us, we will surely reply you as soon as possible. 


Caring & Wearing


Caring & Wearing

Q: How to make my wig look more natural on me?

A: We offer you high quality wigs that look nature on you. If you still want more naturally look, you can add a hat, headband, scarf or other accessory to create a personal touch. Of course, this does not mean you have to wear those accessories all the time for a natural look. Just be creative to add hat or other accessories from time to time.

Q: How do I care for my wig?

A: You are suggested to keep your wig on a mannequin or wig stand to maintain its shape when you are not wearing it. And the Frequency of cleaning depends on your environment, lifestyle and amount of perspiration. But you are suggested to clean the wigs every 10 to 14 days of wear.

Q: Can i wear the wig to bath, swim?

A: Definitely you can. But before you take a bath or swim, please put the hair into a ponytail or a bun, and use hair pins or a hair clip to secure the loose hair in place. Please be sure to check that all of the loose hair is clipped above the neck. Now, you can feel free to wade in the water as usual. Nevertheless, Please try not to get too much water in the hair because it may cause it difficult to restyle.

Q: Can i wear the wig in kitchen?

A: If you wear a synthetic wig, you are not suggested to cook in case the sudden burst of heat of oven will ruin your wig. Also, the hot steam from a boiling pot of water may also cause damages to your synthetic wig. But you can use a stylish scarf or comfy cap to swap your wig while you in kitchen. Or you can let someone else do the cooking.

Q: What should I use to clean Synthetic and Blended Wigs

A: Special products need special care products. So, you are suggested to use specially designed shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and other styling accessories for synthetic wigs or blended hair wigs. Besides, you shall use cool water to clean and soft towels to blot dry your synthetic wigs and blended hair wigs. Then, allow the wigs dry naturally on a wig stand.

Q: How do I wash my wig?

A: To prolong the life of your wig, myhairshines.com strongly recommends you use the products made especially for wigs. And you can wash your wigs by the following steps.

Wash: Get ready for everything before your wash wig including cool water, shampoo and a soft towel. Then, mix in a small amount of Shampoo on your hair and soak your wig for 3-5 minutes. Please be sure gently swirl and not rubbing it.

Rinse: Rinse the wig into cool water to clean the shampoo. Then, gently press the wig with a towel to remove excess water.

Dry & Condition: After you clean your wig, you can place the wig on a wig stand. And you can also spray with a Leave-in Conditioner. Then, allow the wig dry naturally.

Style: Once dry, you can style the wig as usual. You can use your fingers, wide tooth comb or Synthetic-Safe styling products to style your wigs