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About Us

What make us different 

At MyHairShines.com you will find us very different from those main stream internet stores that are "selling products" to their customers.  The difference is that we are "buying products" for our customers.  When someone is selling their products to you, they are focusing on making the sales of their existing products for a profit whereas when we are buying products for you we are trying to understand your need and help you buy the items that suites your needs best.  So what's the difference to you?  The difference is that you have all your right to tell us about your need and we will make sure we understand well and we will make use all our resources and expertise to ensure that you get what you need.  If not, the responsibility is always on us.  Our slogan is: 


We Are Our Customer's Buyers!


To achieve this, we dedicated ourselves on doing the following:


  1. Educating our customers in a professional way.  Hair, especially human hair business is a area that can easily cheat on customers on hair types, texture, quanlity, etc.  While the market is full of advertising words like "Brazilian Remy Hair", "Virgin hair", Perunian Remy Hair", or any combination of such, etc., they may not even be remotely close to what they are being tagged! Especially some of those stores selling "7A Brazilian Virgin Hair" at prices lower than even getting the basic remy hair raw materials.  What we will be doing is to professionally educate our visitors of those jargons and the standards that should be applied behind those concepts.  We will also teach you how to judge the differences in choosing your hair or wigs to buy.

  2. We will present you with a set of products with their quality matrix strictly defined and their ultimate effects explained for you to choose from.  This way you know exactly what you get when you buy from us.  You buy from us only the hair you understand and you know they are the best for you.

  3. We provide unlimited custom order support to help you buy for your special needs.  You tell us what you are looking for, we'll put in our effort to help you by doing what you can' t do at he suppliers side.  Just remember, at myhairshines.com, we are your buyers.

  4. We carry named brands of hair products for your selection convenience.  For these named brands products we are carrying, we serve as the liaison between you and the brand supplier to ensure that your experience with these brands are as happy is it could be.

So trust us and be with us to experience this new era of C2B (customer to business) business pattern.